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Originally Posted by Astor_Kaine View Post
Because maybe if they're treated humanely, they, and possible future generations won't be so inclined to blow up buses and buildings?
I really wish this were true. Unfortunately the terrorists(note: I did not say all detainees) will claim they were treated horribly whether or not it is true. The future generations will not have a higher opinion of us because of our treatment of prisoners.

Fact is, many of the detainees are from other countries that will not take them back. Basically they aren't guilty enough to put on trial, but are not legal to be placed back on our soil. So we try to get the originating country to take them back. They refuse. So, what do we do with them?

Some of the detainees were captured during the war in Afghanistan/Iraq. Those countries have neither the facilities nor the desire to deal with the detainees. By keeping them at Gitmo we actually might be preventing them from receiving a far worse treatment.

As to affording them the benefits of POW's. If they want to be treated like soldiers, they need to act like soldiers, rather than terrorists. Firing from the cover of civilians, lessens my desire to treat them like a soldier. Firing from hospitals and schools to draw us into possibly killing civilians, or just letting them shoot at us, really makes me not want to treat them like a soldier. They do not afford our captured soldiers the protections of the GC. Basically they are not following the rules of warfare, so they do not get afforded the protections granted for following the rules of warfare.
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