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Originally Posted by Rev7 View Post
There are many advantages to having UAV/UCAVs, as already stated. They would totally revolutionize the battlefield. Unfortunately, I believe what Darth_Yuthura pointed out, the F-22 & F-35 are probably going to be the lasted manned combat aircraft that we will see. :/
My dad and I were having this very same argument the other day. There really is no reason to have manned aircraft these days. On that both of us agreed. However he did have a good point in that the military will always have it's "pilots" even if it's only by remote control. Computer technology has not progressed far enough for a computer to make a judgement call on an unknown situation. They are very good at reacting to a known situation, but factor in the fog of war, and limited intel, and you have a recipe for unnecessary deaths. The Air Force will be reluctant to change to unmanned aircraft mainly because it would have to come from the generals. Many of those generals are former pilots.
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