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Originally Posted by jonathan7 View Post
It is precisely because of what they do to our boys when they catch them that what we do with them is so important. If we are to represent "Good" then our behaviour must be beyond reproach as far as possible; all war does is bring out the "best" in evil men, and the worst in good ones. Nietzsche was most defiantly correct when he observed; "Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And when you look into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you". See the problem with war, is slowly it eats away at people, how far do you need to go to defeat the enemy? And before you know it you have become the very thing you are trying to defeat. In other words, in fighting to defeat the monster, you yourself turned into a monster. That is why our treatment of the detainees is so important; especially if they are guilty. They may have done horrific acts, but in treating them like humans, in giving them a trial etc, you prove what you are fighting for; coming down the their level, makes you no better than them, so what are you fighting for?
By no means am I saying that we should sink to their levels. The GC were put in place to protect the legitimate soldiers. They were also put in place to give a reason NOT to violate them. By violating them you forgo those protections. Basically meaning that we CAN do with those detainees captured that were not covered by the GC, whatever we wish. Not saying that we SHOULD, just that we CAN. HUGE difference there. I personally think we should treat them better than they treat ours, but not give them so much protection that we are chained to rules that have no application.
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