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Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
By no means am I saying that we should sink to their levels. The GC were put in place to protect the legitimate soldiers. They were also put in place to give a reason NOT to violate them. By violating them you forgo those protections. Basically meaning that we CAN do with those detainees captured that were not covered by the GC, whatever we wish. Not saying that we SHOULD, just that we CAN. HUGE difference there. I personally think we should treat them better than they treat ours, but not give them so much protection that we are chained to rules that have no application.
That holds no logic, the only reason you wouldn't want to be tied to the Geneva Convention, would be so you could torture detainee's. The fact that Gitmo doesn't tie itself to the GC, is already slipping to what the terrorists do, and water boarding is certainly only just above what they do to our boys when they are captured. Most concerning is the instince by some morons in your government (Rumsfeld) that torture is useful, it is a psychologically proven fact that you don't get reliable intelligence from individuals who have been subjected to torture; everyone has a breaking point, and once that is reached an individual will tell you what they think you want to hear.

On-topic, Gitmo shouldn't be closed, it should be brought under the Geneva Convention, and all those there should just be put through due process, and those who are innocent let go.

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