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Originally Posted by TheRogueForums View Post
The American "Justice" system, as we know it, is broken. If a bugler can sue a home owner, for the home owner shooting the bugler in the kneecap, as he broke into that home... then, yeah, our system is utter phail. A woman sued AND won a case against McDonalds, because she was driving... with hot coffee... and burned herself. The justice system is a joke. Besides, this is NOT a civilian justice issue- this is a military issue. If ANYTHING, they should be held accountable to the UCMJ.

I was talking about justice, the principle, and American rights, the concept. Not the specific execution of it. And not only do you list a few incidents, totally glossing over the point that it's like 0.0000000001% of the total cases are against the theory of the system, you then provide rebuttal to your own points, stating that it's not a civilian issue, but rather a criminal/military case.


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