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Originally Posted by mur'phon View Post
And that is one way to deal with it, though I doubt Obama will do it because 1: Americans are unlikely to love him for freeing "potential" terrorists in America
Why not? At least the so-called "Obamaniacs" would still love him. After all, the Bush fanboys still seem to love him even after he condoned such inhumane acts as waterboarding.

Yes, the Bush Administration admits it did use waterboarding. It just denies it was torture at the time it was used. Let us see the United States government called waterboarding torture when Japan and Vietnam used it against our troops. It is considered torture now by U.S. law, but there was times in between according to the Bush Administration were it was legal and not considered torture. Besides, they were very careful when performing it.
Originally Posted by
Human rights advocates and legal scholars say the practice constitutes torture under U.S. laws and international treaties, but Bush administration officials say it was used under careful standards and controls and was not torture under U.S. laws at the time.

You don’t think us “Obamaniacs” can be just as loving to Obama if he does the right and humane thing as the Bush fayboys are when he did the wrong and inhumane thing.

Sorry if I don’t agree with Bush Administration’s assessment of who a “potential” terrorist are. Considering they have over a million people U.S. citizens on a “watch list” including a setting U.S. Senator and myself.

Originally Posted by mur'phon View Post
2: Americans are certain to hate him if one of them goes boom.
Yes, they world.

I’ve always been under the impression that this countries legal system was designed by our founding fathers to protect the innocent. When we put money in the equation by offering bounties to the people of Afghanistan and Iraq we tainted the results to if we are capturing criminals or just someone that is disliked. There should be a hearing to ascertain their guilt. Then a trial and then if no evidence is presented other wise they should be released back to their country of origin. If their country will not take them, then we should find a country that will.

If they are found guilt, then they should be sentenced.

I really do not care if this is done by a military court or a civilian court. I do not question the U.S. military’s integrity. For that matter I’d rather it be a military court instead of a court proceeding under a political appointee civilian judge.
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