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Originally Posted by jmac7142 View Post
If you're referring to that old woman, she offered to settle with McDonalds for the amount of her medical expenses, which isn't that ridiculous since at the time McDonalds was serving their coffee at dangerously high temperatures (iirc it was around 30-40 degrees hotter than any other chain was serving their coffee). She won the case since McDonalds knew serving coffee that hot was dangerous and continued to do so anyway.
Yeah, it's funny that the case often cited as a failure of the justice system is actually a case where justice was served. McDonalds served that coffee so hot that it gave her 3rd degree burns. They refused to pay for her medical expenses, and knew they were serving it dangerously hot.

Now the cases of people gaining thousands off of stores for "slip and fall" scams. THAT is a real failure.
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