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So, I've played through most of the mod, and had some comments.

First off, very nicely done. It's very pretty, and obviously took a lot of work. I particularly like the dueling Jedi in the Fortress, and the use of a swoop - it always annoyed me how many of them were sitting around that I couldn't touch.

There are some things I'd change, were it my mod, and I figured it couldn't hurt to list 'em off:

(Spoilers for the mod if you haven't played it)

1. In a couple of the dialogues (Mandalorians, Transdoshians) it didn't really matter what you said, it was going to end in combat. I can understand that, but it's a bit frustrating to go through a tree of choices, and end up with "Eh, I don't care, I'm attacking." I wouldn't want to avoid the fights, but at least something that changed, depending on your choices.

2. Overall, the dialogue choices tend to be fairly aggressive. Even the nicer choices are still fairly abrupt and sometimes demeaning (for instance, the conversation with Suvam after you reach the fort - you can either be a jerk and ignore him, or be a jerk and listen to him, but you can't not be a jerk). That's a bit jarring if you're playing through as a light-side character.

3. This is fairly common, and you're far from the only person to do it, but it seems like the level of loot in a few places is exponentially out of place. Take the Iridorian base - Most of the time, it's very balanced -vibroswords, med packs, etc - things you'd find in a soldier's locker. But then you'll find a locker full of extremely advanced items, far better than anything you'll find in the game. Level 1 implants that grant +4 stats, and a lot of bonuses. Implants that give all the prof feats in the game. Armor that makes the Star Forge robes look silly. Crystals that out pace anything else you've found. Things like that, to me, aren't fun - I actually left all those items in the lockers, because I don't want to uber-power myself. If I wanted to do that, I'd just use a save editor and give myself huge stats and items.

The story itself is pretty well done, and that's why I want a mod - not for loot, but for more content!

4. Nitpicky: The Iridorian base felt a bit too big. I know it's a premade map, but every single room was "open door, fight 1-2 bots, loot 4 lockers." Since I'm a completionist, I had to open every door, fight every bot, but I knew it wasn't really going to be different. Perhaps more bots in less rooms, and a few less lockers? I'd also like to see a few more consoles, perhaps, with some story on them, to make it feel less like a dungeon crawl.

Overall, it's well done, and far better than a lot of mods I've seen. I have several mods that I just played a bit, removed, and never cared about again. This one made me go "this was really good - I should try to give suggestions."

Heck, I even registered just so I could do it.
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