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1.01 problem

Alright here is the story. A few days ago I was graciously given a new computer for the holidays. Of course since my previous PC had massive problems with the Jedi Knight series I obviously tried to see if they carried over with this PC

Now the previous problems (Open GL subsystems) do not occur. However I get a new problem with Jedi Academy.

I installed update 1.01 (As is my tradition. I adore the servers on this update). However each and every time I attempt to open multiplayer for Jedi Academy it gives me an error message

Sound memory manager started
Loading dll file ui.
Failed to load dll, looking for qvm.
Loading vm file vm/ui.qvm.
Shutting down OpenGL subsystem
VM_Create on UI failed
Now I reinstalled the game and tried to open multiplayer before using the update. Of course it worked perfectly without error. For some reason update 1.01 is causing an error.

I am using Windows Vista (not my choice. I have a 64 bit processor). Maybe this has some effect?

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