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Originally Posted by SpaceAlex View Post
If you have some *constructive* criticism, I would be glad to hear it. I'm unlikely to make any major changes (because I quite like it the way it is), but I'm willing to do some small modifications.
I think you're correct; you don't need to change thier outfits, since they seem to be well thought out, balanced, and provide enough contrast so that there is detail yet have an overall darkness to them.

The only thing that ever really bothered me about the Dark Jedi, was that they all seem to be caucasian. It would be a nice touch to have some variation in the skin tones, but I realize that it would mean having 2 or 3 times as many tga files (download size considerations) for a minor detail. Just food for thought

Keep up the great work SA

Edit: maybe you could incorporate the Sith logo into the armour somewhere (perhaps the shoulder plate?). It would look wicked cool in shiny silver.

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