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Originally Posted by fenix3279 View Post
Are they colored for rank? Like, is the burgundy colored one master?

Originally Posted by redrob41 View Post
The only thing that ever really bothered me about the Dark Jedi, was that they all seem to be caucasian. It would be a nice touch to have some variation in the skin tones, but I realize that it would mean having 2 or 3 times as many tga files (download size considerations) for a minor detail. Just food for thought
That's an interesting proposition. I would do it if you could actually speak to more than two female DJ in the game (maybe there's more, I can't quite recall). I might do something with the males, though; I like the idea.

Originally Posted by DarthYuugi View Post
Them Dark jedi are just plain awsome

Teach me you're skinning secrets
There are no great secrets, really. The more you use Photoshop, the better you get. It just takes time and patience, that's all.

I wouldn't call myself and expert by any stretch of the word; I consider my skills to be average at best. Still, as long as you make mods on par or of better quality than what is currently in the game, it's all good. I can't stand mods that make the game look or play worse.

Originally Posted by DarthYuugi View Post
btw Is Davik a unique head im too lazy to check my app2.da file at the moment
Yes, he is.

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