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lolz@shameless Mac promotion. I love Final Cut Pro(though Adobe CS4 64 bit Edition is slowly usurping), but the rest of the Apple experience is like Linux for me... fun, but when you need to get back to your beloved games - it gets switched off. The lack of (legal) options for DIY is also a major bugbear for many.

anyway, news roundup:

DVD aint dead, BluRay DVD Hybrid Discs storing 33.5GB announced
>>Great thing is they will probably push along teh continuing reduction in prices of BR drives....but once everyone has BR drives, they'll probably become redundant ?

nv GTX 260 Core 216 drop in price No doubt in anticipation of the GTX 295 etc. Still great news for gamers with rez up to 1080p, who dont mind a bit of foldin'

lolz, good ole interwebs.. Windows 7 beta leaked Due in January to the public, already possessed by handsome beta testers since over a week ago... ps - it wasnt me!

Not a huge surprise, Tech(and other) sales down this holiday season I hope this means price crashes, as opposed to companies folding Ive felt this myself, I havent done a customary ebay impulse tech buy for months...

AMD Phenom II 3Ghz on sale, sorta The ?dealbreaker CPU for AMD has begun appearing in scattered places for purchase at $304ish. Was due for official release on Dec 27, though I havent seen it on newegg or fleabay yet...


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