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Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
You want to complain about human rights, why don't I see you raising issue about China's prison system or the Iranian Justice system?
Have you ever seen me praise either?

Call me selfish, I just happen to care about my country more that Iran or China.

Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
First of all, these guys were shooting at our soldiers in Afghanistan and they weren't wearing any uniform, technically we could have just shot them as spies.
Are we sure J7 hasn't taken over GarfieldJL's user name. This sounds like British troops talking about American troops during our fight for independence.

How do you know they were not Farmers turned in for their bounty?

Please explain how you could charge those capture such as Jamil al-Banna as a spy. He was not wearing a uniform, guess he is a spy.
Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
They are also fanatics that are bent on killing any American they can.
Prove it. In a court of law. That is all I am asking.
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