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Something I never thought I'd post ... for a number of reasons.

- An Ending Serenade -

As the early airs,
Of sun-swept fires,
Land upon your fair face.

My heart beats mourningly,
As the last light fades,
From your desired grace.

For I wept-
In doubt,
As to whither you are,
For thy heart is lost,
And thou art weary with pain.

Now, that future is almost gone:
But say not it is lost.

As the final thread is sown.

As leaves will fall,
From the dread of frost,
Your spirit shall linger.

Even as your life is forfeit,
Your eyes glitter,
As bright, as the above starlight,
Your beauty blinds me of sight.

But say no more,
Forever; shall it be,
To live is to die, after all,
As the last dregs of life,
Ebb away from your dearest hold.

For an enternity of life beyond all things,
Enternity of weeping,
Being robbed from trouble and toil,
The life-force is seeping.

Into the never-ending,
But never acsending;
Your spirit shall linger.

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