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Thanks, guys. That means a whole lot. Really.

Here's another very personal one I've decided that it's time to post. I think I actually these up once but I deleted them a while back cause yeah ... Didn't want em up at that time. Now I feel its a good time. New Year = New Beginnings, hey.
Anyways ... Here it is:

================================================== ===============================

- Bitter Sweet -

There were no tears,
There were no saddened faces.
There were no cries, or shouts of anger,
For the amount of years, that it had took for her to go to the place,
Of all places.

She stood out, in the middle of the hallway,
Looking from side to side with a tear swept gaze,
Her mind racing, forever wondering,
As she thought back to the days.

One, silent tear, caressed her bruised vision of beauty,
The bight blue oceans of her eyes closed,
Her hair, flowed vigorously through the night air;
A blood-red rose, it's petals fell to the ground below, without a voice of care.

No-one thought, no-one knew,
An angel, a saint, a martyr of the innocent - yet stung:
As the bird flew, so close, but a mere speck in one's vision.
Someone was lost.

Another soul, another feeling,
Just the same cost, no matter at all, just another view of seeing;
As her spirit floated away, without uttering a single word,
A trail of mist, sorrow, blinding - Her spirit faded away,

Leaving behind, just one more sense, of a bitter sweet memory.

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