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Right now it is Pacific time 10:55PM at the time of this posting...the eastern parts of USA have already hit new years. My town, being the destination resort that it is has oddly not picked up in activity. There is less bustling and activity than in previous years. Hoodlums are still out causing havoc.

I've come down with a cold. I've slept off most the day. I have a hazy feeling permeating my consciousness right now. I'll go out and at least try enjoying myself...

How was 2K8? Well, it was my year (of the rat) since I was born in 1984. I'd say it has been okay. Nothing exceptional. I had a few relationships this year and learned a lot about myself, both good and bad. A year of reflection. Discovery.
Finding that cynical and realistic does not have to mean pessimistic or uninventive.
I could not have been less enthusiastic about christmas this year. Something that didn't stop me from trying to bring joy to others at least.
I know this hasn't been my year to save money which is something I'm very good at normally. I need to really get back into shape since I've noticed my physical capacity has decreased to a problematic point. Still have most of my strength, just no stamina and a loss in core stability and flexibility overall. I have learned that bringing some joy to others' life on a daily basis is often more of a reward than material...the trick is that one needs look for it. I've befriended more elderly and never realized how many of them care for those around them. That most people are nice if a shade condescending. To appreciate the experience of others before writing them off as pompous or arrogant.
Learned about being a martialist (beyond martial arts/sciences). I have a better view into spirituality. Finally, I'm getting a better idea what I want from life and my place in it, coming into my mid twenties.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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