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I could enjoy these clone wars episodes, but I wont, because every Interview they do (Within the SW community) There emphasizing the fact that this is not EU, that they are not constrained by what went before, George has a Different vision than the comics, this is what really happened etc. It really upsets me, because I loved the Clone Wars stuff done in the Comics, and I wonder how Long it's gonna be before George comes out and Says there was no History before Yoda's birth or something stupid. I'm waiting for what comes next tbh, EU has sustained Star Wars since the mid Eighties, between Prequels, in fact there are much better stories in the EU than what we got between 1999-2005 from GL, and although it's his Story, his franchise... Why allow something to be made, get money from it, pay people to organize a canon system, let people become fans, and then turn around and pretend you dont know/care about it and ret-conn stuff? It gets me down.

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