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Gametype or Mod Manhunt!


These days we play the gametype Manhunt much!

This is a hide'n Seek game at some map with tffa...

The running team has to escape the hunters, using nothing but their feet. The saber has to be turned off, and items or stuff are not allowed. they start with 100/100 and ye

The hunters can use anything they may find to kill those runners.. Sentrygun, Mines and stuff (its normally played at weapondisable 12284)
We start the game after counting to 20 when the first hunters looks to a wall not to see anything.. if he kills anyone from teh runners, this runner becomes hunter himself (joins opponent team we had too much laming in normal ffa, even if hiding is better in it).

As anyone is Hunted, the last runner wins and chooses next first hunter

Why i'm writing here, is not that i wanted u to explain our superb gametype, I'm wondering if this could be packed into a Mod or something like this?

How could I edit this mod? Is this lots of work?

The mod should contain :

1.)Autoteamchange, as u get killed (because some kids just dont do so)

2)the first hunter has black screen and it will be automatically counted up to 20 when the new round starts.

3.) The runners should be able to use any skin, while the hunters have static red one.

4.) Runners should not be able to pick up items or use saber at all!

This as first impression

Greets from Icecold germany and Happy new year!
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