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SP conversion problem

Hello there. I am trying to convert a player model to SP. I have been following Inyri Forge's brilliant tutorial on doing so. However I have a little problem. The model in question has two different textures for it's torso part. However one texture shows up while the other doesn't. The same problem exists in a different way for the leg parts. The leg texture of the model is just 1 Jpg file. Yet while the leg parts show up the boot part texture doesn't.

How do I know the particular way to order and name all the parts in my .skin files? I have tried using modview but every time I try to load a model it gives me an error message

"Filesystem call made without initialization"

Also I have another question. The model in question I am trying to convert I found on PCgamemods (before it disappeared). However this version of the mod I have was not created by the same person who created the model and original texture. It just includes new team skins. The author of this version was very careless and didn't include the original readme to the original model.

I currently have no recollection of the original version on Pcgamemods. Since i have very little info on the original modeler would it be alright once the entire mod is done to rehost the mod with my SP additions onto a mod site such as But of course include the readme by the author of the version I have and reference both the modeler and the author of the new version in my readme?

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