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Not to be ignored, Aya's pony Bob snorted loudly, then stamped his foot hard on the deck and shook his shaggy-maned head before bellowing out a loud whinny.

"Oh! And this is Bob," Aya said to the ship's Captain, her cheeks blushing crimson as she was embarrassed by her equine pal's raucous behaviour. "And he won't be any trouble either."

Bob snorted again, this time sounding almost dubious.

"Once he gets settled in the hold," Aya added quickly. "Be-have, Bob," she hissed under her breath at the pony, "or you'll get us all kicked off the boat!"

Her eyes darted around the deck, looking for the hatch and hoping that there was a ramp for Bob to navigate down below. "Which is... where, Captain?" she asked tentatively.

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