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My kitty is now laying down on top of the monitor wacthing me type. he looks like he might take a nap there. I think he is looking for the cursor to play with. Now his head is hanging over the top looking down and his eyes are starting to close.. so cute.

Work was uneventful, helped out a manager who isn't really good at multi-tasking or what is normally happening on the dock. Pretty much was my own boss today

My mom called me and asked her to help find her car key. it slid down behind some plastic molding behind the steering wheel. Took out two screws and was able to pull it out.

Also started planning my trip to the seattle area. Might rent a bike and rely on Ferries to get around. Found out my cousin and her family are closer to Vancover then Seattle

kitty is now watching TV... going to rot his brain out.

going to fix myself something to drink now... either a manhatten, scotch or Vodka Martini

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