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Originally Posted by DarthYuugi View Post
May i ask but would MDLOPS be able to port these to k2 like weapons
Originally Posted by TriggerGod View Post
Not unless the models are in TSL. And I haven't checked, but I don't think many, if any, are found in TSL. If you do put those models and make them work in game, then you committed porting, which is illegal, and not allowed to be mentioned here.
You said it Trigger!

Only one of the heads (PMHB03) that I used for the KotOR version is completely unchanged in TSL. I was able to use Taina's replacer to modify the vertices & uvw map of the TSL versions using the already modified K1 ascii version, thus saving me some time.

The other male heads (PMHA05A & PMHC01A) are slightly different around the soul patch on thier chins, and so I had to re-do all the modelling and some of the skinning (some of the tga files exist in both games). Here is a screenshot of some (there are now 10 in total) of the heads that I've already done for the Revenge of Revan mod:

I have also done 4 female heads for RofR, but I haven't found any female heads that are easily made bald AND are identical in both games. I'll eventually have to make some female heads for Aurra Sing and Asajj Ventress, though. They will have to be done from skratch because I can't re-use any of the K1 versions (except for the bald skull that I painted myself).

Because I made these for another mod, I'm not going to release them as a separate mod untill after the Revenge of Revan is ready. I hope you can wait for it .

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