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everything happened as i expected it to. i got woken up by the phone call that they needed someone to go in to work. i went in and pulled an 11-hour shift. took an hour lunch in between. i'm off tomorrow. i'm freakin tired right now. I am gonna clean out my car tomorrow, i think i'll give it a wash on thursday, as there is alot of salt on it, i'll have to put more bondo on the rusty spots and paint it this time. =\

so far this year is looking up for me...spending the first month climbing out of the debt i got myself in back in late august. yeah it was worth it, i don't regret it!!!! lol.

going to spend february saving and searching the surrounding areas for an apartment or affordable house to rent.

"Without strife, the victory has no meaning. Without strife, one does not advance. Without strife, there is only stagnation."
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