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Originally Posted by EnderWiggin View Post
There are some facts that are fact - ie true in all cases.

Water is made up of oxygen and hydrogen. Fact.

Care to try and disprove that one?

Chemistry is a concept of humanity, therefore, it, and all variations thereof, can inevitably be wrong. The instruments made to see and identify various forms of molecules and atoms were made by human hands. The way they identify things and define things was made by human hands. Therefore, it has the ability to be wrong.

Not saything there are, and I won't argue that some "facts", when presented to most, if not all, human perspectives, can agree on it as "correct". That doesn't mean that what humanity believes to be true is what can be considered a "universal truth". Planet Earth is not Planet Universe.

Also, I do believe that chemistry dictates that water can hold very little weight for very long before losing its surface tension. Yet some people, quite a few of them, actually, believe a man walked on water, and are seeking to prove this as fact. Looks like all theories, scientific or otherwise, will always be open to scrutiny. In fact, I believe the exact definition of a theory, scientifically speaking, is:

"A fact that is proven with several repeated tests, that is subject to change should new evidence arise to the contrary."

Never just assume that you completely understand water. We used to think the world was flat. Look how quickly that changed.
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