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I'm not out to be right. Maybe I'm not doing this justice, I'm not sure, but I don't care about being right, or about proving anything. I'm making a simple concept, an ideology, made known. Whether it's right or not is irrelevant, because, in context with the logic of the concept, right and wrong is subjective, not absolute. You're willing to dismiss this argument because, and here's the kicker, your concepts of my concept aren't what you think concepts should be.

Whether or not you take me seriously doesn't matter to me. I am expressing an opinion, a built-upon philosophy that nothing is an absolute, as far as humanity can tell. And you, as an individual, are trying to tell me that my concept, which is honestly just as valid as yours, which is to say, not all that valid, cannot be a concept that is what you define as valid. We are two opinions fighting over which method of viewing things is correct. So really, this is only going to go in circles from now on, because neither of us know everything, neither of our philosophies or concepts are absolutes, and all we're trying to do is make ourselves feel more justified in having our opinions.

That's the point of this whole "There are no universal absolutes". You're a person that sees black and white amidst grey. I don't. For your perspective, and from your logic, you're right, I will concede that. From mine, I'm right. And that's how I see things. Sorry.
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