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Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
So evil is an entity?
I never said that it was. I just said that I wouldn't be surprised if it was.
Originally Posted by Achilles
Where did it come from?
Tough question. It appears to have always been here, and it seems to be ingrained in our nature. As a matter of fact, I would venture to say that it is a very real part of nature itself. When I observe how nature works, I don't see a benevolent system. In fact I see exactly the opposite.
Originally Posted by Achilles
Other than having attained consciousness and having a will of it's own, what else can we determine about it? How do we recognize it when we see it, etc?
From my point of view, it manifests itself in certain behavioral patterns which, after having been observed in different persons or groups of people over a period of several years, become almost instantly recognizable. I could almost label it as either a congenital or contagious (or both, perhaps?) behavioral disease.

I would list the symptoms as such:
1) Dishonesty with one's self and others. This takes many forms, from a simple disingenuous demeanor to rationalizing to pathological lying.
2) A lack of conscience, or ignoring one's conscience.
3) A feeling of superiority over "inferiors" and the desire and impetus to prove such superiority. This ties in closely with...
4) A misplaced sense of entitlement to getting something for nothing, usually at the expense of a supposed "inferior". Basically the desire to take advantage. This has several subcategories:
a) The glib manipulator.
b) The control freak.
c) The social vampire.
d) The sexaholic/sexual predator.
e) The bully.
f) And, of course, the thief.
Symptoms 3 and 4 can be summed up nicely as what I've come to refer to as "ruthless hedonism".
5) Jealousy.
6) Herd mentality. (May be evil, or it's a trait that evil exploits, or maybe I just hate it. )

There are others that I'm too tired to think of right now, but I guess that my point is that most if not all of the symptoms that I have listed are either predatory or parasitic in nature. It seems to spread among those who are susceptible, from just one person to an entire group (which is why I hate herd mentality). The reason why I stated that it might have a will of it's own is that it genuinely appeared to me that those affected were being manipulated, as if they were not in control of what they were doing, and as if another mind was thinking for them.

Has anyone else observed anything like this?

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