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Its kind of funny on how all this got started. Prior to this very discussion, I stumbled on this problem while in a mathematics class. I couldn't wrap my head around a science without reason. 1 + 1 = 2 was not the original problem. The original question was why do we move the decmal point two places to the left? I asked a simple question, and I was given the answer I don't know. This is not a mathematics logistics course. I fought with this question for years until I heard from several scholars facts we teach in schools and colleges are based on trust. They are not absolute; however, their merit is taken with blind faith. Don't take my word for it; thus, ask someone with superior knowledge the question. You will be surprised from their answer.

History books are written by the victor; thus, historical facts we learn are not based on absolute truth.

Philosophical thinking becomes science when tests finds some type of credible resolution; however, the results are trusted to be accurate. There is no absolute answer. We are learning this now from our study on gravity. NASA has taken Einstein's facts, and they are altering them due to new discoveries. Nothing in current mankind's sciences and religions are absolute. Its all taken on trust and faith.
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