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Originally Posted by Adavardes View Post
If Universal truths exist, we don't know any of them. Humanity cannot, period, be objective enough to construct a universally true concept.
I can.

When someone can tell me that the green they see is the green that the person next to them sees and prove it, then I'll be willing to concede that there are absolute facts.
When two, three, four, or who knows how many people see the same green light from one source, they do in fact receive electromagnetic radiation of the same colour/wavelength. What happens in their brains I a totally different story.

Everything is subjective, everything is different, and everyone sees differently from you.
Seeing and perceiving. Two pair of spaghetti.

Nothing is true, everything is permitted.
Their is no meaning in this.

Originally Posted by Yar-El
The original question was why do we move the decmal point two places to the left? I asked a simple question, and I was given the answer I don't know. This is not a mathematics logistics course.
"This is not a mathematics logistics course." Hm. Perhaps some learning of mathematics concerning logistics would give you a certain understanding why we move the decimal point around, then.

Apropos water. I'd like to point out that it is made out of the same stuff as anything else, stones, wood, our brains, the air, iron, helium, silver, uranium -- that would be electrons, neutrons, protons, I mean if I remember that correctly. And those are made of the same stuff again, quarks and so on and so on. It really isn't that hard to see where this is going.

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