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Question Ordered this (PC) online... repeatedly played and loved KotOR. How is it? (spoilers)

Heh, first post here after browsing for a few hours. Seems "Darth" is found in 75% of all user names here... oh well, the second part of my user name will give it originality (cookie to whoever knows what game it's from; the greatest game to this day IMO).

Anyways, I read the plot twist for KotOR on GameFAQs before I acquired the game (my own fault for ignoring spoiler warnings >_<), but it was still great when I finally got to that part.

I hear the major issue with this game is that it was rushed, that it's incomplete with a crappy ending. Is this really as bad as people make it out to be?

What new force powers are there? I loved Force Storm for groups, and Kill for single opponents in KotOR (in my most recent play through I used Kill exclusively to defeat Malik, after draining the captives of course).

How are the new party members? Do you get any of the old ones? If so, do they have anything to say about the characters from KotOR?

Are there any good romance options? Are they more than just the G-rated ones in KotOR? Can you still complete it even with a DS playthrough?

What are the major changes to equipping/items/battling?

When do you become force sensitive?

Is there a long place in the beginning? Most people I've seen hate Taris, but I absolutely love it!

Is there a good plot twist or betrayal in this game?

Since I'm getting it for the PC, I could download mods to complete some of the cut stuff, right? I did restore some content to KotOR, and I firmly disagree with the decision to cut most of the hidden content...

Sorry for the wall of questions, but I'm just eager to play already... also, you can reveal minor stuff, but please no major spoilers until I get the game...

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