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Originally Posted by Nitro View Post
I've got an uncle in Edmonton that made me swear when I was like 5 that I'd never root for anyone over the Oilers. I was free to cheer for other teams, as long as they weren't playing Edmonton.
Haha. Well, the Oilers did win tonight. And so did the Canadian juniors.

Originally Posted by Nitro
My NHL 09 BAP is an offensive D-man on the Oilers top defensive pair. I've played every game of the season (nothing shorter than 10 minute periods) and we're currently ahead 2-0 in the Stanley Cup finals over the Leafs. Yes, the Leafs made the Cup finals... They have that superstar Make-A-Wish kid goaltender because I didn't know about her (and thus didn't nerf her friggin stats) until I was already 30 games into the season.
Before I received the delightful red-ring of death, I was, also, an offensive D-man in my fourth year. I won the cup with Atlanta in my second year and San Jose (i think) in my third year. I won the Norris trophy in my third year with 35 goals and 96 points. That's playing about 50 of the 82 games (usually 5 minute periods) during the regular season. Now, when I was last playing, I think I was with the Avs.

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