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It was meant to be written like that. I'm not sure if it's a specific style of writing however. Just one of my ways to write.
A more darker one this time around. Let's see what you think, shall we?

- Damned Nights And A Bitter Swell -

With a wiltered rose,
came the shadowless horde,
cloudless lightning forked across the sky.

Horse and man,
shield and blade,
the moon stood hellbent in the sky.

Fire breathed ice,
malecious intent,
silent weeps for the storm.

Her whisper sent a shiver,
down the young men's spines.
As her snakes began to slither,
the blood rain fell in time.

"Wait for me in bed my husband!"
cried out the witch.
Satan's leer smirked fanatic,
her crisp black magic,
formed a demon, creating satanic's end.

The beasts snare was there,
in the light of no care,
with a heartless stare,
there was no repent.

Circles breathed in fire,
as the hour grows dire,
who now can save the knights?

A young man yells, "look out, sire!"
before the demons sends his soul to flame.
Oh, the shame.

Creatures of the Black Witch.

Sickly threads,
countless deaths,
corpses feeding the earth.

Creatures of the Black Witch.

"Off with her head!"
"Condemn her soul to hell!"
Unknowing her soul was already unearthed.

Creatures of the Black Witch.

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