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Originally Posted by Mr.Samoal View Post
1999 but failed to finish the game, and returned in 2004 and finished it 5 times, we are all here around the forum for time to time brother.
Same here,except that returned in 2007 to finish it.
I still remember that day....It was a brand new pentium 3 .All I had was a trial version of GF installed.I used to play it again and again then....Finally,a few months ago (2007) I got reminded of that game,after seeing it in my friend's rack of CD's....I borrowed it from him.....Played it again (full version).That feeling which I got after laying my hands on the game after almost 10 long years,was really very nice and I finally came to a conclusion that,no matter how many generations pass,you just wont find another classic like GF.

Thats how I got inspired to initiate the GF movie making.
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