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Originally Posted by Da_Man
Oh, and TFU. Stuck on the freaking bull rancor, which is built like a freaking tank.
I know this is late but I just now got TFU and started posting here. I actually got past that rancor easilly. I only have the wii so that is how I will say how to beat the bull rancor.

First hit it with Sith Scorcher(best if you have it at the max level) and chop down his health. Keep firing as long as you can or until the rancor hits you. As you're flying back press "B" to land safely. Force Dash behind him then double-jump, get as close to the head as possible and perform a quick two or three hand lightsaber combo from the air. Once you start to fall, do and aireal push or aireal shock. If you have those powers maxed out, it's health bar should be 1/2 to 3/4 depleted. From there, get behind it and slash out with three-handed lightsaber combos(about 3 will do if your lightsaber crystal is the amplified lightsaber damage crystal). Then finally, hit it with Sith Scorcher again to quickly zap away the rancor's remaining health.

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