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nice, scar.

Work was boring. It was me my manager and the old guy. only did 3 rolls of out of there at 8.

ended up not going friend didn't want to risk an accident and said they'd probably be closed anyway, we're supposedly getting 2-3 inches of snow tonight. definitely going out friday night, checking out that new club.

i got home, and put in Fable II...i'm sad to say it is getting boring/repetitive. I was messing around with people and of course, the game froze on me. So out of frustration, i took the game out, gave a sigh of anger, and put Call of Duty 4 in. Loaded up the multiplayer team deathmatch hardcore. Scored a good amount of kills with the M21 Sniper Rifle. I got 13 kills, 0 deaths on Showdown. normally i wouldn't use a sniper rifle on that map, but i only needed 3 kills for the ACOG scope. I impressed myself.

Think I'll play some more tonight, after I do some missions in Assassin's Creed. I'd like to get that game beaten.

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