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Ive come across a similar applet called Take Control Back... I'll post it later. Ive been using it and a great app called Restorator(Trialware) to hack into system dlls to pull out and tweak visual/xml elements

A few FF Addons I really like:
*Fission >> turns your address bar into a status bar
*Flagfox >> show pretty flags of the IP of whatever site you visit ; lolz : many p2p sites in Sweden !!
*Omnibar >> combine search and address bar into one
*Stylish >> allows customised extensions, like the hack to put tabs on top in all themes
*Foxmarks >> store/backup bookmarks online. Great if you use multiple pcs and want to sync bookmarks
*FireScribe >> post directly to your blog from a new tab/window. Improved image uploading support(though still sucks for blogger accounts due to hitch at Google's end)) nb. I want to make it clear dont have a blog but I have to maintain one for my gf
*Rulerdark Theme>> All black theme for the emo/powerconscious types among us. Has chrome style buttons and with stylish, you can plonk tabs on top


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