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Wait I thought shopping was patriotic. I believe the President’s brother said something to that effect after 9/11.
Originally Posted by Jeb Bush
"We need to respond quickly so people regain confidence and consider it their patriotic duty to go shopping, go to a restaurant, take a cruise, travel with their family… Frankly, the terrorists win if Americans don’t go back to normalcy."
I can’t find where the President asked the American people to go shopping, but
Originally Posted by President Bush
When they struck, they wanted to create an atmosphere of fear. And one of the great goals of this nation's war is to restore public confidence in the airline industry. It's to tell the traveling public: Get on board. Do your business around the country. Fly and enjoy America's great destination spots. Get down to Disney World in Florida. Take your families and enjoy life, the way we want it to be enjoyed.

However, I disagree with the hypothesis of the talk radio talking head. American have been spend happy for years, the only difference this time was banks were willing to loan the consumer more money than they could afford to pay back. There was a time when bank were not as loan happy as the consumer was spend happy.

Now set back and wait for the this is all Obama fault post.
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