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- Forever Outsane, Inbound -

Some might say that I am a lonely man,
I walk down a lonely road by myself.
But they don't look close enough,
I walk more crowded than any man can.

Memories entwined in time,
circling layers upon layers of deaths rhyme.
Ethereal sense, my corporeal beast.
Eating away my sins; what a feast.

A boxed up mind, I walk the line.
The line between dream and reality.
Beneath each rhyme is a truth inside,
look me in the eye, swear your fealty.

Paradoxial world, scream your whispers.
Unspeak your deepest and darkest secrets,
and I will listen.

To steal my thoughts is to steal my core.
But not to worry, I take you soul,
All in all, you are forgiven.

Many are a part of this world of mine.
Many are not aware of this world in time.
Some things I take more myself, your pain.
But not to worry; I'm not insane.

Cry, cry, cry useless tears for me.
You're only crying because of you,
for what it is to be,
now and forever, you are me, and I am you.

Some might say that I am a lonely man.
I walk down a lonely road by myself.
But inside I am anything but alone,
I am eternity; I am through; I am scared; I am you.

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