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Originally Posted by Rattler-1985 View Post
I have killed everything in the secret tomb on Korriban (KOTOR 2), but I cannot get out of the tomb. I have gone to all the doors that are supposed to exit the tomb, both the west and east doors, but when I try to open the door they are locked, how do I unlock them?
I'm pretty sure the door to the east in the room where you battle vision of Darth Revan. After you defeat the vision of Revan, Kreia chimes with some information about the visions and how you are stronger for it and then door in this room should be unlocked.

Yep it is the door to the east, or better stated the door across from the entrance to the room or behind the tomb of Ludo Kresh.

Edit: Added link to Walkthrough Secret Tomb including map.
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