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Originally Posted by Scar Da Kookee View Post
So apparently I'm the international guy to diagnose people's computer problems

first it was Jango's problem which i couldnt diagnose w/o me being there (so i visited and didnt take me very long to figure it out, jango you goof...) , then it was someone on steam whom is from Toronto. well, again, hard to do w/o me being there.

Sounds like a business in the making:

"The Fixer:
The only man in the business who will cross national borders to repair computer problems nobody else will touch!"

You'll need your own private jet, of course. Write it off as a transportation expense...

Work was blah. Not easy... not hard... just blah. High schoolers butchering jazz.

I guess I'm managing our division's intraweb site now. Who knew?

Looks easy enough... but I'm just really in love with the fact I was volunteered to do this work by a couple of fellow workers.


My revenge list just got a couple of names longer...

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