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Sorry for the wait but Andurilliblade's computer crashed due to a virus.Hope you enjoy it and comment about it
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The Begining Of The End
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Eventually I recovered fully from my crash. The medics of the palace said that I had fallen into a coma that no medical equipment could comprehend. To the machines I was a fully functioning, wide awake human being. Steel told me that I had fallen into a force coma.

I discovered many dark things had occurred during this “Force Coma” I had been in. Palpatine had turned the Republic into the first Galactic Empire.
A thousand years of peace and equality, struck down by the hand of the very monster upon which it was built: the people. Even the Jedi had been blind to this event. Because we attempt to rise above our emotions, we lose sight of those of others, until now, it is the most unpredictable of emotions that brings down all we have built: fear.
The palace of Theed soon became a sanctuary for lost Jedi. Over the next few months I settled into a comfortable, if monotonous, routine. More Jedi slowly arrived until we were a sizable force. Queen Apilania began to quietly invest in military equipment. Groups of insurgents contacted us. Communications and equipment where being readied for the oncoming war. We made contact with other groups of surviving Jedi and began to plan.

I spent the rest of the year doing just that. I taught the Royal Guard a thing or two about wartime strategies endlessly.I also went through saber sequences with Andrew.It felt so good to fight back against the new threat that was consuming the galaxy.

After the end of the new galactic year somthing finally developed.

The Queen told us that we were going to be smuggled to the outer rim so that with the Queen's resources we could begin to start our own private rebelion with the other small groups we had contacted previously.

One month after Palpatine discovered that Naboo was quietly rebelling against his new Empire he ordered the Nabbo senators to make way for an Imperial garrison in the hangars of Theed. That hindered us Jedi’s capacity to move about quite a bit, as the palace was regularly subjected to thorough searches.
We were forced to stay in cramped underground quarters that were hidden by a secret passageway directly under the royal throne. Our numbers had reached over 20, excluding Andrew and me.

Alas, this peace would be short-lived.

It was cloudy night when the Imps attacked. There was little light as the clouds swallowed the moon and blotted out the stars. Perhaps the Force had tried to warn us, to no avail. They descended quietly, attempting to silently squash us before we could rally.

I was restless that night, and I was having a walk around the streets of Theed as there where no Imperial patrols during the middle of the night.The next morning we where going to be shipped off to Dago 5 where we could start our new rebellion. Typically that was the time the empire attacked, right before we where leaving.

Apparently, I was supposed to be the first casualty of the Battle of Theed. A sniper was aiming for my head, intending to put a painful end to my life. The said sniper was perched on one of the beautiful elevated balconies of the majestic houses of Theed. He fired a shot. Amazingly, that was the moment I ducked. I had found a 20 credit chip on the street and had ducked down, intending to pick it up and pocket it. Then a beam of energy singed my hair and landed with a shower of sparks on the street next to me. Reacting quickly, I pulled a blaster out of a holster at my hip and fired with practiced precision. The storm trooper fell off the balcony and landed with a soft splash in a nearby fountain. That was not all that happened, however. The blaster automatically sent a distress signal to the palace security and Captain Typho. An alarm blared, and within moments every soldier in the city was armed and ready for battle. The auto turret defense network came online, searching for white, armor-clad targets.

If Naboo was to be taken, it would not go quietly. What should have been a quiet slaughter had turned into a huge battle. I ran back to the palace and grabbed myself a blaster rifle. We Jedi had agreed that if we were attacked, we were to be normal soldiers and to only activate our light sabers if in the greatest of need. All the able-bodied men of the city had begun to mass at the Palace gates, ready for war.

I rushed out of the palace with a group of men to secure the vital areas of the city. After we put a sizable force throughout the main courtyard, we thought we would be ready for any of the Imps’ attacks.

We were wrong.

There was an earsplitting explosion as one of the buildings near the courtyard lost a large section of wall. A whole division of storm troopers began to pour out of the hole. Everyone opened fire. I wove through blaster fire and managed to shoot several Stormtroopers. For good measure, I chucked a couple of grenades through the hole. Though the Naboo forces fought valiantly, we were defeated by sheer numbers. All throughout the battle, I had to resist the temptation to activate my lightsaber which hung unused under my tunic. Eventually we where forced out of the courtyard. The order came through to retreat, but some brave (or foolish) people decided to stay to fend off the Imps. So I toured the streets, taking shots at any white-armored troopers that where dumb enough to get in the way. And as I ran, mowing down men in front of me, I began slowly to turn into a monster. I felt the thrill as my enemies dropped with a hole smoking between their eyes. It made me feel invincible. Suddenly orders came through the com. The queen was making a break for it and all Jedi were ordered to report to the royal palace to protect her. That’s when a large group of Imps decided to turn up. They opened fire, and the remainder of my comrades dropped dead.I continued to fire knowing that death would come but I would take as many enemies down with me as possible. It happened so quickly; I knew I wouldn’t survive.

As I was prepared for death,while stimultaneously firing my blaster Andrew made his appearance.

He leapt off an elevated rooftop, straight into the line of fire, his blade shimmering with blue light. I reacted quickly,continuing to sink blaster bolts into my enemies’ chests. Andrew was doing very well, blocking bolts with practiced fineness. He leapt at the Stormtroopers, taking them out one by one. Soon all of our enemies were dead or dying. Andrew turned to me with a wide grin on his face. The image of his face at that precise moment is forever implanted in my mind.

I said praisingly, maybe even a little jealously, “Andrew, that was incredibly dangerous! You could have….. You could have…”

I… I never ended that sentence. I don’t even know how I would have ended it, even after all these years.

A blaster shot fired behind Andrew. He gasped and clutched his chest as he sank to the pavement. I caught him over my shoulder, and I saw the smoking blastermark in his back.

I also saw the trooper that had fired it.

I reached out my hand—and then the memory becomes a nightmare. I don’t know what I did, or what I felt, or what I thought. The next moment, the trooper was dead, his whole body conext thing I felt was—joy? But my soul cried to me to tend the dying boy on my shoulder, not my own selfish desires.

He was still breathing. I ripped my medkit from my belt and tore it open, but Andrew laid his hand on my arm and shook his head.

“Be well…Bluebender.”

And so he died. I’ll never forget the way he breathed my name; forced though pain up from the well of death, from a warrior’s lips, but with the fondness and innocence of a child.
I don’t know how long I was there, kneeling over his cold, lifeless corpse. I wept, and I made an oath that night, a terrible oath. I swore that I would not rest until every enemy of the Old Republic lay dead at my feet.
I…. I don’t want to keep on writing tonight.

I… these memories…..

Never was anything great achieved without danger.

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