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Originally Posted by Char Ell View Post
Since Windows 7 officially launches beta this week should we start a Windows 7 discussion thread? I think I may give it a whirl in a month or so and want to know how others are faring.
We'll just leave it in here Char. Most people here arent even using Vista yet Besides, there are far too many stickies

W7 Public beta is now available officially from MS Technet, though reports are the nerdgasmic onslaught to check it out are repeatedly crashing MS servers

I believe they are limiting these 'official' releases(and product keys) to 2.5 million, so get in quick, or otherwise track it down from usual non official sources.

Ive been beta testing for htpc functionality since pre-beta and am down for DX testing later. For general stuff though, I dont think the average user will notice much of difference from vista in this public beta. A lot of cynical(and possibly correct) types are saying W7 is 'vista how it should have been'

Contrary to what others around the interwebs(including MS sources) have intermittently stated, W7 does not sport a spankin new kernel, just a tweaked, revised 6.0(now 6.1) Which makes me wonder why they call it W7

In other news, the GTX 285 and 295 were officially released today. Ok nvidia, hurry up with the GTX300 already :P


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