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The best adventure titles 2008 have bad sales and the bad adventures have better sales numbers. Imho!
Except Mata Hari. It was not so good and sales are badier than AVS.

The opposite:
BioShock: 63.000

Ok for AVS:
"A Vampyre Story is proof that even the enthusiastic players are weary of waiting. Nearly 1700 units slipped into the first weeks on the sale of shop counters, and in subsequent months, each less than 500 The fact that ex-colleague Burtchens mouth angle whistled down, was not with the sales figures. He was just disappointed - after so many Delays by developers Crimson Cow measurablelath anticipation was high. Too high. But anyway: A Vampyre Story is one of the list of loving Adventures, the dramaturgy of thanks and great dialogues. If you have a good eye-to-press, press one. With the other one looks you know better anyway."
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