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wooooop!!!! hit my first deer on the way home...well...rather it hit me. no visible damage..i saw one in front of me was like '**** it' kept driving..then BAM! on my left side, was like 'ok what the **** ever yo!' and well heh whatever...supposed to get alot of snow tomorrow...god im tired. went to 2-3 bars tonight...the mines...well i'd say why they call it that but it wouldn't be nice on these forums. anyway. had like 4 rum and cokes, 2 smirnoff ice, a blue kamikaze shot, and a jell-o shot. went to a diner, got some fries and water. tomorrow work is going to suck cause well...supposed to get alot of snow, so it'll be a slow day! so it can't suck that bad....maybe i'll get snowed in?

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