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Act 1: Living life by the blaster

Chapter 1: In the beginning...

Things have a habit of complicating themselves when you don't notice. I often had that happening to me a whole lot of the time. Of course I didn't really see much of a pattern until later when I had done so many errands for people. But really I don't think you care about that

I guess to answer your question properly I would have to go back... probably a month or so ago. But I should probably go back even further. For the last few years or so I was apart of Cor-Sec, a form of law enforcement on Corellia. I knew large sectors of Corellia so well that I could probably have walked through them backwards. But rest assured that is not the proper way to answer your question.

Lets just say that after Corellia I got into a bit of trouble. See I was a detective for Cor-Sec. It wasn't that hard to rise from officer to Detective, but there were harder tasks and missions to perform. But I did rather adequately and made some sort of name for myself. Then of course everything went to hell. I got assigned to this case for this local Hutt or something. Some big fat crimelord hiding out in some Cantina. I bit off a bit more then I could chew in regards to finding him and soon I found out getting on a crime lord's bad side isn't always a good thing. I got framed with so many crimes by my own fellow detectives that I eventually had to leave Corellia

Leaving wasn't particularly difficult. I took public transport, only carrying my bag and meager possessions. I wasn't allowed to take a blaster aboard the ship so I had to obviously leave it behind. I don't know why, but I don't really feel all that safe without a blaster. I just feel... vulnerable without it. I kept expecting some Ughnaut assassin jumping up from the seat above me holding a blaster to my temple. Rest assured that didn't happen but I didn't feel safe again until once the ship landed in Coruscant. Bare in mind this was all a month ago so things were slightly different

I only told about... three other people about me hiding out on Coruscant. I really didn't want to attract any sort of attention so I rented out an apartment far away from any main attractions or CBLE departments. Incase you are wondering, CBLE is supposedly the law enforcement around here. But I wasnt all that scared of them. What I was scared of was walking down Coruscant's streets unarmed.

When I walked into my apartment one month ago I felt the place looked to clean. It's furniture was without a speck of dust. It's walls were far to pale white with not a blemish in sight. It's holonet looked shiny and new, almost now out of the box. I felt nervous just standing in the doorway of the apartment. One thing I cannot absolutely stand is an apartment that looks too new. It just feels like they have bugged the place or something. But irregardless that is beside the point. I rest my small bag on a nearby chair and quickly went to the comlink on the wall.

Comlinks are always going to be a mystery to me. I can't really remember why I called him, but I did. I called my sometime friend Jules Razaak. He was a local Sabaac player. He used to sell Sabaac cards in cantinas on Corellia; which was were I met him. But he went to Coruscant because apparently there were quite a few players here. I knew Jules had an apartment somewhere close to the one I was in.

I quietly waited for the tone to pick up. Then I heard a deep human voice speak on the other line. "Hello?" Jule's basic dialect was something I was always confused with. He always elongated his s's so they would sound longer. It made him sound like a damned Trandoshan or something.

"Yeah Jules? This is Arch. Listen I am on Coruscant" I said slowly into the comlink

"Oh Arch? That Kaminoan dude who doesn't keep his hands off his triggers? Yea I remember you.." Of course he did. I only last saw Jules in a bar a few weeks before.

"Yeah a few things happened on Corellia and I need to lie low. You mind if I can buy a blaster off you or something?" I asked him slowly while thinking about the right way to word it.

"... blasters? Well I probably have something around here..." Jules spent the next... probably minute and a half discussing the directions. As I listened I slowly scanned the apartment again. Something just didn't feel right about it still. I quickly left the apartment and walked down to street level

It was well into the day, as the sun was high in the middle of the sky. As on Corellia I could see the constant blurs of speeders and ships rushing by as quick as a flash on the streets. I slowly walked down a narrow walkway past a few neon signs. Then I caught sight of a crowd of people nearby. Curiosity sparked quickly as I walked towards the crowd.

I parted my way through the narrow crowd towards the middle. There was the shape of a man on the dirty concrete. But this man had long since been dead. Large gaping wounds tore through his flesh on both his arms and legs. The legs themselves were twisted in different positions. I quickly looked up to see a pane of broken durasteel glass.

It was obvious what happened. This idiot of a human obviously took a little to much Corellian ale. Saw a few speeders outside the window and thought in a drunken vision he could fly. So he broke the glass and "attempted" to fly. This was the result.

I looked at the corpse and shrugged it off. The humans and near humans around me kept gasping and recoiling in terror. The whole thing seemed far to pointless for me. As I continued walking I could already hear the sound of CBLE coming to clear the crowd.

I made my way through a few more alleys towards Jule's apartment. The apartment building itself loomed in my direction. It was much smaller then the rent able complex I resided in. But it seemed far more dirty then mine was. One thing I cannot stand is a filthy area. I felt tainted, unclean and poor just walking on the stained floors towards the elevator. The lobby of the building looked as if it had once been condemned. As if I was expecting a few small beasts to be lurking around I quickly walked towards the hydro lift nearby. The severe nakedness I felt on the ship to Coruscant came far more vibrant now. The pocket I kept my blaster in was empty, but my hand kept reaching there. As if looking to see if I had some sort of weapon hidden there of use


I felt startled by the sound. My trail of thought was interrupted by the Hydro lift doors finally opening. I slowly sighed and walked inside the lift. The Hydro lift to my relief was clean... to an extent. At least it didn't look like a light fight had broken out inside of it.

I slowly reached for the buttons on the elevator for Jules's floor. As the Hydro lift rose I turned around to look through the durasteel glass window. As the elevator went up I could already feel the sun disappear behind a nearby building. As the warm rays left me I felt... disappointed in a way. Somehow I expected more.

I waited for the elevator to finally make it to Jules's floor. The only thing I could anticipate now was a blaster in my hand.

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