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I must admit, post build 7000, W7 whilst still looking like vista, is running very smoothly. Its good that theyve finally included the mpeg4/avi codecs as standard. (Ive just got 7016 t'other day) Im not sure W7 will have a specific "media center edition" more likely to be integrated into a "premium" and "ultimate" version like was the case in Vista. In any event, some great steps forward - vista mc is pretty darn good/very stable, and w7 has built on that. Of course, there are always people who arent happy, but some things people want are simply unrealistic.. Still, they have addressed many bugbears and gripes that existed(for some) from previous versions.

people here may also be interested to know that Build 7000 has DX11 deployed. Its DX10/9 compatibility is so far ok

btw Char - see folding miniforum for special offer re those wanting to try the beta

Im pretty sure I read(and reported) earlier that GTX300 was due at end of Q1(march-april-ish). Nvidia wants to get its top dog title back surely

Finally, the phenom IIs have hit the streets, reviews abound, heres is G3Ds for starters. Not an i7 killer by any means, but still quite competetive, well priced and low power consuming option.. that can be deploed on existing DDR2 boards = win for consumers, and good step forward for AMD


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