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Finally made the time to read your story, Endorenna. I like it and look forward to reading more chapters.

I'm quite interested in finding out how Lord Kazic acquired two blue lightsabers for Sri to use in her training and what prompted him to decide to have her learn to use those. Of course you may decide not to reveal this info to your readers but I'm just saying this has piqued my curiousity.

Also, though you haven't directly addressed it I get the distinct impression that Sri is Force sensitive.
If this doesn't turn out to be the case for some reason I will have a hard time believing a non-Force sensitive could block blaster bolts with a lightsaber, just so you know. As it is, I have some difficulty accepting the idea that a Force sensitive who has not been trained by a Force adept experienced in using lightsabers to block blaster bolts could learn this skill on her own in a relatively short period of time.

This is just my . Looking forward to reading more chapters as you are able to write them.

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