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Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
"talk radio" doesn't tell me whether it was "Talk of the Nation" or "Glenn Beck" (though I'd easier believe it to be the latter).
Neither, actually. It was a local regular commentator (generally conservative), whose friend apparently had suggested it. He thought it might be an interesting topic for discussion, so he threw it out there for the audience to talk about. I thought it might be an interesting entre to discussing the debt crisis as a whole, and whether or not an event like this can cause a major socioeconomic shift. I think this actually had a start in the 80's and possibly even as early as the '70's--the '87 crash can hardly be blamed on an event that hadn't happened yet, and the "I want it all, and I want it now"/"Greed is good" attitude was well entrenched before 2001.

The excruciatingly difficult thing will be teaching people how to live within their means again. How do you teach that kind of thing to an entire generation who've grown up living on credit cards?
Originally Posted by mimartin
I loved “Lay-A-Ways.” Without “Lay-A-Ways” I never would have gotten any Christmas.
Dear God, please don't let them bring back the 'blue light specials'....

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