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(K1)How to build a Jedi Gun man/Woman in 10 steps

For K1

I Like Being a scoundrel with a high dexerty then not levling up on taris

Heres the key important things

Wisdom :

When building a gun slinger sheilds can reallly make you feel stupid as you cant cause damage

thats why force powers like lighting are important and wisdom to make sure you fire them


For Dark siders not important but for LS This is vital for not spending too many force points while using Death feild and lightning


If u want to hit the enemy this is of course the most important thing

It can also make sure theres less chance of enimies hitting you


The last nice bonus what allows more skill points which is good for exp when doing side quests



Using this you can reap Xp from side quests repairing bots repairing HK( Which gives him bonuses )


Another skill what can get xp if recoviring them

on taris this is vital as having loads of mines allows you to make a minefeild and lure enimies in to it when You are a level 2


If you're not strong then bashing stuff isent a good idea


Force lightining

The ultimate power pwnage

Drain life/Death Feild

Allowing to get health as well as damaging enimies

Force wave

Allowing to knock back enimies which gives you a good shooting range and bypasses the close combat restriction


HP Restorage is just awsome

Force valour

Allowing to boost chrisma to use DS powers along with more shooting and dodging accuracy is a really nice boost

Force speed

The final key skill it will allow you to speed up and escape from enimies as well as master speed giving you two more attacks


Two weapon fighting

Allowing to use blasters and duel weild is a good skill for more damage

Tell me what you think and i will update some times

-Darth Yugi

P.S Anyone played this before leave some tips thanks

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