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Originally Posted by Cavkov View Post
um? Can't you read? I have already said that I HAVE STARTED NEW GAME but I don't get a option to choose, I directly begin as darth vader.. . .
You need to learn some serious people skills pal. You're coming to us for help. It's never good to bite the hand who is trying to feed you.

Well, since you're rude, I'm going to be rude. Here is my rude response:

Can I read? I think I can read just fine? I think "you" can't read because it should be right in front of you when you select the new game menu. Or maybe you're lying and trying to screw with us -- basically mess with our heads. If that's the case, quit screwing around with us.

Or maybe you really didn't download the content though you think you did because you couldn't read. Somehow you screwed up and the problem is we can't physically see your PS3 to see how you screwed up. The problem is obviously you. Kind of funny when I think about it.

And because of your stupid attitude, I hope you never are able to access that content, nobody here tries to help you, and you eat your $10. I hope LucasArts enjoys your donation because you'll never get it back. Now that makes me laugh, especially someone with your attitude. Can I read? Just remember I can access the content and you can't. Who's looking smart now?

Have a good day while I go enjoy my DLC content which I'm smart enough to access!

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