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Ah, Lucifer was made to be above the angels, thus, was given a bit more liberty than the rest. When Lucifer rebelled, it was that extended leash and power that enabled him to break others from the Will of God and bring the War to the Throne of God.

Then God laughed and cast them to the earth.

At least this is how I learned it.

Evil is subjective. An absolute that we have defined in Western Society that is inherently at odds at being defined. What is evil? To our culture, may be different in others.

It is something that I have difficulty defining given the state of the world. Is Isreal evil? Is there act of invasion of Gaza evil? Yes, they are, but waging war, causing a humanitarian crisis with in Gaza, but why? They were repeatedly attacked again and again from Gaza. Thus, is self defense evil? Is the wish to have a secure nation and boarder evil?

On the flip side, is the Gaza attacks evil? Is the Hamas and Islamic governments at fault for the partitioning of the world that didn't have thier involvement?

Everything is subjective. Concepts like good and evil are subjective to the culture that develops those concepts.

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